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LEPTOSPERMUM scoparium 'Rouge Double Nain'


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:: Myrtaceae :: LEPTSPERMUM :: scoparium :: 'Rouge Double Nain'
  • Type of products available: 0/1/1P9

Main asset

Green gray evergreen foliage, ornamental all year long, and abundant red double small flowers in late spring.


Plant in sheltered place in climatic zone 8, in pot in zone 7 to be able to protect the plant in winter. Leptospermum require draining soil, and are drought resistant once installed. Theu can be pruned after flowering (early summer) to keep the plant compact.

Coming from southern Australia and New Zealand, Teatrees are moderately hardy plants, reserved for sheltered but non-arid areas. The leaves are green gray, a little thorny. 'Rouge Double Nain' is a compact form, it is covered in spring with many small red double flowers with purple heart.

  • Uses: Slopes, sheltered shrub beds, planters, pots

Global caracteristics:

  • Type of foliage: evergreen
  • Habit: bushy
  • Height: 80 cm x 80 cm (2.6 ft x 2.6 ft)
  • Growth: slow to medium
  • Flowering period: May-June

Shape and colours:

  • Foliage shape: linear
  • Foliage colour: green grey
  • Flowers shape: small, double
  • Flowers colour: red


  • Soil type: drained
  • Exposure: sun, part-shade
  • Hardiness: - 5 °C (23 °F - USDA zone 9a)