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ACER freemanii 'Jeffersred'
Freeman Maple


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:: Aceraceae :: ACER :: freemanii :: 'Jeffersred'
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Main asset

An outstanding autumnal colour


Uses: line or shade tree.

Vigorous tree, an american hybrid between Acer rubrum and Acer saccharinum. It gathers its two parents qualities: an outstanding bright red foliage in october and a good accommodation to our regional soils (often neutral or slightly alkaline).

  • Uses: line or shade tree

Global caracteristics:

  • Type of foliage: deciduous
  • Habit: egg-shaped
  • Height: 15 - 20 m x 10 m (57 ft x 33 ft)
  • Growth: fast

Shape and colours:

  • Foliage shape: lobed
  • Foliage colour: light green
  • Foliage colour in autumn: orange red


  • Soil type: tolerates chalky soils
  • Exposure: sun
  • Hardiness: - 35 °C (-31 °F - USDA zone 3b)