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Blue Passion Flower


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:: Passifloraceae :: PASSIFLORA :: carulea
  • Type of products available: 1/1P8

Main asset

Characteristic flowering full of symbols. This passionflower is the most hardy of all species of the genus, and the only one that can be installed outside without risk of frost until the Atlantic climate.


Plant to South or West exposures. Clean the plant and prune short in late winter to promote a vigorous restart. The plant is suckering, but easily limited.

Sturdy climbing liana with semi-evergreen foliage, fingered leaves, summer complex flowers with white-green sepals, framing a radiating circle of bluish filaments, with the central pistil divided into a cross with 3 branches surrounding 5 stamens. The flowers are followed by orange oval fruits, edible but tasteless and floury.

  • Uses: Climber on grating, trellised

Global caracteristics:

  • Type of foliage: semi-evergreen
  • Habit: liana
  • Height: 5 m x 5 m (16 ft x 16 ft)
  • Growth: very fast
  • Flowering period: July to December
  • Époque de fructification : autumn

Shape and colours:

  • Foliage shape: digitate
  • Foliage colour: light green
  • Flowers shape: Single, stamens in circle
  • Flowers colour: blue
  • Forme des fruits : ovoid
  • Couleur des fruits : orange yellow
  • Parfum : yes


  • Soil type: rich, not too dry in summer
  • Exposure: sun, part-shade
  • Hardiness: - 10 °C (14 °F - USDA zone 8a)