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Bare roots production


The transplanted young plants originating from seedlings, cuttings or grafts.
Very bushy young plants with good growth potential. Well ramified shrubs are cultivated and are sold according the number of branches.
For some varieties, we offer you a selection of strong young plants similar to light shrubs with 3/4 branches. This part grown product enables the grower to obtain a saleable plant after a few months growth with direct repotting into 5 to 7 L. container.
We produce a new advanced liner product : extra strong young plants with 5/7 branches, perfect for repotting in C 10 to C 15.
For plants originating from seedlings, we also offer a selection of young plants with a straight collar, and stem for tree growers.

1/1 2 years transplanted seedlings
1/2 ou 2/1 3 years transplanted seedlings
2/2 4 years transplanted seedlings
0/1 1 year rooted hardwood cuttings
0/2 2 years rooted hardwood cuttings
0/1/0 1 year rooted cuttings
0/1/1 2 years transplanted cuttings
0/0x1 1 year transplanted cuttings
0/1/2 ou 0/2/1 3 years transplanted cuttings
-1/0 1 year transplanted layers or root cuttings
-1/1 2 years transplanted layers or root cuttings
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